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Since the first UZMAR-built tug was delivered to its own account, UZMAR Shipyard has proved itself as the go-to builder of advanced quality tugs and workboats along with a various range of high-performance vessels.


Having built more than 200 vessels and delivered them to more than 22 countries in 6 continents, today, UZMAR Shipyard has grown into a world-class pioneer shipbuilder and became the first choice of the world’s leading tug owner companies.


Benefiting from its comprehensive experiences in ship-handling operations and shipbuilding industry, UZMAR implemented a vision of a unique production method, by utilizing progressive engineering solutions and advanced shipbuilding technologies at its modern shipyard.

Key Figures

  • Shipyard Area 60.000 m2
  • 20.000 m2  enclosed building area
  • 240 meters long pier
  • Gantry cranes
  • Floating Dock
  • The annual steel processing capacity is up to 20.000 tons
  • Compiles with NATO Secret Facility  Security Clearance Certificate
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ( SEM )

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