Online Building Progress

UZMAR provides its clients online access to the building status of their vessels by means of online monitoring system SEM (ERP) software, and enables them to access reports of the actual man-hours for each workstation, the completion percentage of work activities and specific milestones.

Sem Enterprise Resource Planning

“SEM” ERP has been designed in-house, for organizations that have production building phases based on projects, such as shipyards, in order to provide tailor-made solutions with maximum efficiency.

All the modules in SEM are tested in real-time projects.

This know-how eases the adaptation period of new building projects for any organization.

The infrastructure of the system is such designed that the data flow is supplied by different departments, so that the progress reports are objectively monitored by the customers and the UZMAR project managers, at the same time. This online tool can be reached by UZMAR customers worldwide and anytime as demanded.

This circle continues at each station, generates the “Station Based Serial Production Method” that UZMAR efficiently uses at each project.

Sem (ERP) Solutions

“UZMAR Shipyard is the “first shipyard” in Turkey that implemented SEM (ERP) system to the entire production process and utilize it with hundred percent capacity.

SEM Enterprise Resource Planning program has been developed “in-house” with the contribution of UZMAR’s experienced team members, who have been in the sector for over ten years and also continues to develop following the ongoing projects UZMAR has been working on.

SEM (ERP) has a vision of meeting the company’s needs by offering solutions with its innovative and trend technological infrastructure (Mobile, Web, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence).

Sem Modules

Project Follow Up
Vital information such as the man-hours spent on projects is managed and monitored by SEM ERP program. Various progress of the projects is monitored instantaneously with many reports and screens (s-curves, graphics, material delivery reports, etc.).

Project & Activity Management
Monitoring Projects, Activity Planning, Man X Hour and Physical Completion Tracking In UZMAR Shipyard, detailed planning is carried out for each work stage from the offer duration to the after sales support. Its in-house developed software, SEM ERP system, makes this planning most effective and manages more than 300 main activities in a project, each of which has an average of 15 detail work orders.

SEM (ERP) has a vision of meeting the company’s needs by offering solutions with its innovative and trend technological infrastructure (Mobile, Web, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence).

Change Management
Parametric (automatic addressing based on a subject such as procurement, design, quality etc.) set up for change management. The change management system within the SEM ERP program is effectively used at every stage of the project. During the projects, each change request is matched with related links, root causes are determined and necessary actions are implemented by the system.

Material Management
Bill Of Materials, Procurement, MRP As a result of detailed design and planning, the demands of all the materials required or the product to be produced and the inventory control are managed by the improved MRP in SEM. UZMAR Shipyard provides 100% real-time inventory management with just the right material at the exact time and with low inventory costs.

Document Management
Revision Tracking, Distribution Control, Etc.

Subcontractor Management
Contracts, Payments, Charges, Billings

Maintenance Management
Periodic Maintenance, Cost Analysis, Warranty Follow Up

Finance Management
Budget, Cost Management, Cash Flow Control,Accounting

Finance Management
Contracts, Payments, Charges, Billings

Subcontractor Management
Contracts, Payments, Charges, Billings

Human Resources
Employment, OBS, Access Control, Shift Management, Administrative Works

Sale & After Sale Services
Warranty Claims and After Sale Service Management