Uzmar’s Tug

We as UZMAR, are inspired in the same way by the excellence and uniqueness of nature and marvelous animals that have served as source of inspiration in numerous legends, in our quest for flawless technology in each tug we manufacture.


  • The Way We Build

    The Way UZMAR Works - Zero Harm Workplace

    As a corporate policy UZMAR is undoubtedly dedicated to comply with most stringent local and international Health, Safety and Enviromental standards to ensure that an utmost HSE - compliant building process is achieved, not only for our workers, subcontractors or the social environment, but for our customers as well.

  • Health

    Regarding our human centred approach; it is vital in providing good healthy working&living spaces for our employees; subcontractors and customers.

  • Safety

    All the items for safety in Uzmar such as; the risk assessments, periodical trainings, health checks, field exercises, certifications, emergency case management systems, following every legislations, the risk assessments; providing certificated tested safety equipments to every single person in the shipyard etc.  serves only one simple policy: "To provide zero harm workplace"

  • Environment

    To be participate in creating a better future not only for shipyard area but also for environment; Uzmar follows latest local and international environment regulations.

    Also we believe that improving our environmental skills is a key element for our good reputation.