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RAstar 3600
RAstar 3600
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Model RAstar 3600
LOA  35,80 m
Beam  14.50 m
Gross Tonnage > 500 GT
[depends on propeller dia]
6,42 m
Max.Speed 13,50 knots
BP, max 90,00 ton
Main Engines High speed engines up to 2800 bkW
Propulsion Up to 3000 mm diameter CP or FP Azimuth Thrusters
Generator Min. 2 x 88 ekW (based on load analysis)
Fire Fighting FiFi 1 / dedicated diesel or main engine driven pumps
Accommodation Up to 12  persons
Fuel Capacity (m3) 230
Fresh Water Capacity (m3) 72


High-performance Terminal/Escort tug hull form provides dramatic reductions in roll amplitude and roll accelerations, thus providing a much safer and more comfortable platform for crews, who are conducting docking operations at LNG terminals and similar installations in up to sea-states of 3.0 metre significant wave heights.